Trusted vet services in Toronto

You can count on quality care for your pet

Whether they’re young or old, sick or in perfect health, our Toronto vets will be relentless in providing the best vet services for your loved one.


To ensure the ongoing good health of your pet, we can provide up-to-date vaccinations for your dog, cat or rabbit, as well as nutritional advice and quality protection from parasites including ticks, fleas and worms. We also offer microchipping, dentistry, and weight loss vet services in Toronto.


We offer general surgery services, including desexing of dogs, cats, and other domestic animals as well as soft tissue, orthopaedic and reconstructive surgery following trauma in our state-of-the-art clinic.

Lab tests

At Toronto Veterinary Hospital, we are well equipped to provide a comprehensive range of diagnostic testing including all required laboratory research with blood and urine pathology, as well as radiology and ultrasounds which allows us to offer a full range of vet services.

We treat every pet as if it's our own, so if you're looking for compassionate vet services, bring your loved one to the Toronto Veterinary Hospital.

Puppy enjoying compassionate vet services in Toronto